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Phase 1 of the Poster Posse’s Guardians of The Galaxy poster project, over at BlurppyHERE

Poster 1 by Matt Ferguson / Tumblr / Website

Poster 2 by Doaly / Facebook / Store

Poster 3 by Florey / Tumblr / Store

Poster 4 by Mr. Flurry / Twitter

Poster 5 by Candy Killer / Facebook / Blog / Store

Poster 6 by Kaz Oomori

Poster 7 by Matt Needle / Tumblr

Poster 8 by Juan Martinez

Poster 9 by Sharm Murugiah / Tumblr

Poster 10 by Chad Woodward / Blog

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Sarah Shahi is the human equiv of Rainbow Dash, there is no doubt in my mind (oh hush), and look at her cheekbones! I think she would look fabulous with a shaved head and robot arm, but I’m still glad that the showrunners seem resistant to the idea for Shaw. She really seemed to enjoy her costars, suggesting that Jim hug the girl (and awwwwing loudly when he did so), and beaming at Amy for much of the panel.

She wrote a two page bio for Shaw (that the writers are so far ignoring) and thinks Shaw could possibly go work for Samaritan under certain circumstances! 

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